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Cindy Lipton05/08/15

We Wuv Dogs - Way Better than a kennel

My dog is 13 years old. The last time I left her at a kennel she came home depressed and could barely move. Then I found We Luv Dogs. Now when I pick her up she is happy and content. She also never got along with other dogs (she is a real princess) but since going to Patsy's, she has become a lot more sociable. Patsy is a true dog lover. Now I can go on vacation with peace of mind because I know my dog is not only being taken care of but also getting plenty of love and attention. In addition, Patsy sends me email updates and even pictures. I would definitely recommend We Luv Dogs.

Ann Gandolfo – 5/01/15                                                                                                                                            

I would recommend Patsy to watch any dog. She truly loves them. We feel comfortable leaving our yellow lab in her care. Our 11 year old dog needs special care. She has two bad hind legs and diabetes. When in Patsy's care she receives special attention and is given her shots as directted and attention. Thank you Patsy for letting us feel so comfortable leaving our special and beautiful family member with you! Sincerely, Ann & John

Lily Yurkovsky – May 2015

My dog never stayed anywhere outside of the home and we were concern to leave her with stranger.  But she was very comfortable at WE WUV DOGS. Patsy created very comfortable environment. Patsy is very good with dogs and I know that my dog was in good hands. Highly recommend WE WUV DOGS.

Lynn S. – 04/30/15

my dog, Copper, starts to get excited as we approach Patsy's street in anticipation and from sheer joy. He loves being there. Patsy is motherly with our pets and gives each one personal attention. She is the best!!!!!

Eric Ostern - 12/14/14

We left our puppy who was less than 1-year old with Patsy while we went on vacation at the recommendation of a relative. We were a bit nervous leaving a puppy but Patsy took such good care of our dog and gave her so much love and attention!! And since it was our first time leaving our dog with her, she made us feel so comfortable by sending us pictures and email updates. She is such a wonderful person who is kind, caring and loves dogs! We will definitely be leaving our dog with her again!

Christine A. - 12/03/2014

We have been using Patsy for a year now and we absolutely think she is great.  Our dogs love her and really enjoy staying at her house.  It's like they are home.  We highly recommend her.  We Wuv Dogs is the only place we will send our dogs!  chris and rob

Allison Lazar - Oct 2014

Patsy of WE WUV DOGS is exceptional in providing in home care for our pooch! Our Oliver is pampered, loved, and well cared for at Patsy's house. It is reassuring when we are away, to know that he is in such good hands. I love the e-mails and photos that Patsy sends each day to update us on how Oliver is doing. She is the best!

Carol Angelillo - Sept 2014

Oh my goodness, how lucky we were to find Patsy. She is so wonderful with our dog Mack (a 110 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback). She didn't mind his size at all. She is extremely thorough with her temperament assessment with the dogs, and really only does take kind dogs. She of course also is very meticulous about all of the required immunizations as well. Our dog adores her and starts getting so excited around the house when he figures out he is going to stay with her. Patsy is one of those true dog lovers, who truly understands dogs and wants to know all their idiosyncracy's prior to their stay so that she can take care of them as best as possible. Another highlight which my kids and I adored was that every day we were away she e-mailed us pictures of him playing with the other dogs along with a beautiful letter. She is a great find! Part of me even hesitated writing this review because in the long run it might make her too busy, but to be honest she is really just worth it and deserves it.

Kris Namespolicy - Aug 25, 2014

I have been using Patsy for a long time. She is wonderful and truly loves the dogs. I never worry about Buddy when I am away. I highly recommend her business, you will not be disappointed.

Linda - 06/21/2014

My dogs have enjoyed Patsy s personal attention and care over the years, and I haven t found a service which gives 24/7 TLC the way she does. She also creates a calm, safe setting so even hyper dogs discipline themselves to fit into the pack. No worries ever about her care, and dogs are reassured and relaxed living right in her house, and enjoying the large, shaded, fenced yard for play and roaming and fresh air. Can t say more - five stars for her work!

Dave - 06/02/2014

We highly recommend WE WUV DOGS to those looking for extra care and attention for their dogs.
We have a small dog, Max, with an alpha male personality who can be quite a handful. He adjusts very quickly to the friendly environment that Patsy provides for all of the dogs under her care. She takes the time to let them get comfortable with one another and keeps an eye on them so no trouble occurs between them. 
Patsy has a real passion about her dogs and we are able to leave Max with her knowing that he is safe and sound while we are away from him.

Marie M - 05/06/2014

I highly recommend Patsy at We Wuv Dogs! I knew my elderly dog was in good hands when I had to be away. She is a true dog whisperer and very professional in her business dealings. I will never go anywhere else.

Charles Bolcar - Apr 2014

My Jack Russel, Little Bastard, gets the best of everything. There is simply no other dog care facility that meets the standard of pampering that Patsy provides...and that's that!

Jean O'Reilly - Nov 2013

We Wuv Dogs is a person's best friend when it comes to in-home dog care. Patsy is professional, thorough and organized, with the dog's best interest at heart. Strict regarding health, vaccinations and well-being, I had no worries. My dog Loki was completely at ease in the environment. I felt completely assured my dog was in the best possible hands. Additionally I received photos and updates as well which were priceless. I cannot say enough, integrity is a most important quality when putting our beloved pets in someone else's care and you will find that here.

Myke R - 09/26/2013

Our dog Renly (5 Months) has stayed with Patsy on two separate occasions. My Fiancée and I couldn’t be more pleased with her service. This isn’t a part time gig for her, this is her business and she runs it extremely well. Administratively she makes sure everything is clear and drawn out in the paperwork, and her actual care of your dog is outstanding. Like I said Renly is just a puppy, so he needs some extra attention, he gets that and more from Patsy. If you care about your dog like I do and you don’t want to worry about if he is being taking care of properly, you should leave the dog with Patsy, it’s a no brainer. 

Janet - 05/27/2013

Our 2 dogs have been home away from home with Patsy and Buzzy. Vacations are great - but it so hard to leave our dogs. Patsy makes it so much easier!!!

Debbie V. - Mar 2013

We boarded our Lab with Patsy twice last summer and had a great experience. Our dog had anxiety problems in the traditional kennel setting so we had to find an alternative. We found We Luv Dogs which is an in-home setting. Our dog did great! He got lots of time and attention from Patsy and had none of the anxiety issues he had at the kennel. Thanks to Patsy, we can travel and not worry how the dog is doing because we know he's doing great!

dooroo - 12/03/2012

If we could give 100 stars for this review we would! Patsy is amazing and took excellent care of our pooch while away on a trip. We didn t have to worry at all knowing that he was being VERY well taken care of. Patsy even went through the trouble to email a letter written in doggy language telling us about his fun filled days. That took a lot of her time and we laughed so hard because the spelling and language she used was really as if a dog wrote it, if a dog could write! A kennel simply cannot compete with the loving care she gives to all of her temporary family members. Her prices are also very fair. You can leave your dog(s) with her knowing that he/she will get an abundance of loving care. Patsy only takes in a very small number of dogs at a time (max is 3 I think) to ensure that everyone get s more attention than needed. Her yard is perfect for playtime and exercise and there are plenty of snuggle corners in the house for your dog to feel comfortable in. You won t be disappointed in leaving your beloved 4-legged buddy with Patsy and Baby Buzzy.

Pattie - 08/04/2012

We left our dog Hope with patsy and buzzy for 5 days while we went on vacation. Patsy and buzzy are AMAZING! Our dog Hope had so much fun. We received emails and pictures from hope telling us what she had been up to and what a great time she was having. This place is literally a vacation for your dog. Patsy not only makes sure each dog is fed and safe, she goes the extra mile to make sure your pet is having a good time and is entertained. I cant even imagine locking my girl in a kennel for a week when patsy and buzzy put so much extra time and effort into caring for my dog. Patsy is extremely careful in making sure all of the dogs are safe and understands all dogs may not get along and takes the proper precautions to keep your pet happy and healthy. Thank you so much patsy for taking such great care of Hope. We don t know what we would do without you!

Mary Lou - 07/31/2012

My dog Pepper spent 8 days with Patsy & Buzzy and I will NEVER put her in a kennel again! I m not even sure if Pepper wanted to come home!! She even jumped up on Patsy when we were leaving as if to say Thank You, I had a great time!! . Thanks Patsy & Buzzy! :) Special thanks for all the pictures you sent me during the week she was there. It was so reassuring to see her playing with all the other dogs, Mary Lou

Jeffrey - 07/14/2012

We have been using Patsy for years and she is loving, caring and reliable. She has taken care of our older dog who recently died and now our new puppy and we always know that the dogs are in good hands. Even when our older dog was ill, we could trust Patsy to give her all of her medications and the extra TLC that she needed. Our new puppy loves going to spend time with Patsy and Buzzy, too! We would never leave her anywhere else

Jake - 09/19/2011

Patsy is a very reliable pet sitter. She is very organized and takes care of the extras you ask for. She's a real animal person, and you can know that the animals are always well taken care of.

A Yahoo Local User - 05/10/2011

Once you leave your pet with Patsy and Buzzy you will never leave your baby anywhere else. I am a bit of a worrier so I called constantly to check up on my dog. Every time I called, Patsy had the "kids" :) outside playing in the fenced in yard, was lounging with them on the couch, took them for a walk or something else your dog would never get at a kennel. She is very specific when needs of the dog are concerned. She wants to know what kind of food your dog eats, what kind of treats she can have what she likes to do etc. This truly is the perfect place in the event that you have to leave your pet somewhere. Thanks patsy and buzzy!!

A Yahoo Local User - 06/26/2010

I highly recommend We Wuv Dogs. Patsy is a true dog lover. My dog used to come back from the kennel all stiff and depressed. When she came home from We Wuv Dogs she was her old self except maybe a little bit more spoiled. I could tell she got lots of attention. And my dog never used to get along with other dogs. After one week there she got along fine with Buzzy and was warming up to the other dogs there. My dog loves to be outdoors and having a nice big yard to run around in is so much better than the little run at the kennel. Now I can go away and know that my dog is getting the best of care and is happy.

A Yahoo Local User - 06/22/2010

Patsy and Baby Buzzy took care of our dog Buddy when we went on vacation to Florida. The year before we had him in a kennel and when we picked him up, he was very skitish and just not himself for a week or two. When we picked him up from Patsy's house, he was happy and playful and calm. He doesn't get much interaction with other dogs but he and Baby Buzzy became good friends and even shared each others toys. In fact, Buzzy loved one of Buddy's toys so much, I went out and bought him one too. The next time we need someone to watch Buddy, there is no one I will leave him with but Patsy. Just talk with her a minute and you can see how much she loves them. You can be assured that your pet will 
be loved and cared for just as if he or she were home with you. Linda O